Power supply is designed by experienced power supply design engineers.
We are good at power supply with a range up to approximately 200W.
Dpending on number of ordered lots, products are manufactured in Japan or China.

Design example

  • Power supply unit for wide area supervisory control system
    Features: Compact design(1/2 size of conventional model)
         High reliability, Long-life design(10-year warranty)
         High function(Self-monitoring function)
    Use: Public service, a filed of Electricity, Transportation, Buildings, Communication application, etc.
  • UPS unit for data collection system in manhole
    Features: Long-life design(10-year warranty)
         Battery charge and discharge control according to power failure detection status.
         Power supply / battery self diagnosis signal output
  • LED driver power supply
    Features: RGB dimming (external PWM)
         Harmonic current regulation compatible, high efficiency
    Use: Plant factory